second opinion checks out.

UCLA Santa Monica Hematology/Oncology department is staffed with Barbie Doll doctors that know their stuff. This past Thursday, I lugged my tired and aching body into the car and my mom drove us all the way to Santa Monica for my second opinion appointment with Dr. Monica Mead. My body was tired and aching because I had come down with a nasty cold the day before (that had me in bed for 3 days after that). And I say all the way to Santa Monica because although it is a mere 15 miles from my East Hollywood/”Silverlake adjacent” home, 15 miles may as well be 90 for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing LA’s rush hour. I digress …

UCLA is F-A-N-C-Y. They had coffee and tea (No honey though! Come on UCLA.) in the waiting room. The wait was brief, I was probably in front of the doctor within 15-20 minutes of checking in. Dr. Mead was dressed impeccably, she could have been mistaken for one of the cast from the short lived Grey’s Anatomy  spin off Private Practice. She reviewed all my diagnostic testing and its results with my mother and I, confirming Kaiser’s findings. Then she asked me why I was seeking a second opinion. I let her know how it was important for me to have a doctor outside of my medical group to either confirm Kaiser’s recommended course of treatment – or if she were to disagree, advise me as to what course of treatment she would recommend. So, Dr. Mead then went over Dr. Kwan’s treatment plans. A whole lot of big words (with detailed explanations) later, Dr. Monica Mead agreed that Dr. Karen Kwan’s treatment plan was a good one! So I got to experience a bit of relief knowing that I am moving in what seems to be the right direction to attack this thing.

Now, chemo.

I’d be lying if I said I am not scared. I feel like all the doctors and all the cancer survivors in the world can tell me what to expect all day long until they are blue in the face and I still will feel like I have no idea what is going to happen to me/my body these next 6 months. To be honest though, I am trying not to think about it too much. So I don’t. I start my first treatment on Friday, March 17th, updates to follow.

Yesterday, Amelia – Tana’s friend (now my friend too) , was awesome and gave me an amazing shorty short hair cut (on her day off – I know, I said she was awesome). She did it at the super hip/laid back salon she just started working out of. And it happened to only be half a mile from my house! I was ecstatic to finally be feeling better from my cold coughing sickness. I was beginning to go stir crazy having been home in bed for 3 days. So this was a much welcome treat. It was a delightful couple of hours, we had the salon to all to ourselves. Amelia took her time precisely snipping away. I am very pleased with the end result. Thank you so much, for your great big heart as well as sharing your time and talent to help me feel slightly more confident amidst all this.

I got my mom sick with my cold. And I feel just awful about it. I hope she feels better soon.

I love you all.

Until next time.

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