Chemo life is preeeeeeeeetty boring.

I had started drafting another post last week, about my trip to Palm Springs. But, I lost steam and time slipped away, and so I’ll put a pin in that post for now. Just rest assured it was wonderful trip with my beautiful friends and I cherished every moment of it.

I’m so very flattered that you all take the time and interest to read about how I’m doing. So I know that when I don’t post regularly people being to grow anxious for more. Just know that my silence is due to the slightly uneventful daily goings on that I quite honestly didn’t think any one would be interested in hearing about. Chemo life is preeeeeeeeetty boring.

Here is a brief overview of what my weeks have looked like.

Sundays & Mondays (& sometimes Tuesdays), I’m typically to tired to be bothered to do a damn thing. I’ll stay home mostly in bed. Going mad with cabin fever but not having the energy to do more than watch way too much Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/HBO GO. We all have our vices (many of mine you may pick up on while reading this blog) one of mine is that I can be sucked into just about any TV show. I aint picky.

So I have compiled a list for you all of just some of shows I have recently powered through with gold medal, couch potato, binging brilliance (and their respective streaming channels should you wish to watch with me):

  • The Office – Netflix (re-watched)
  • Parks and Recreation – Netflix (re-watched)
  • Golden Girls – Hulu
  • Bob’s Burgers – Netflix (re-watched, new episodes on Hulu)
  • The Americans – Amazon
  • Good Girls Revolt – Amazon
  • Girlboss – Netflix
  • Orphan Black – Amazon
  • 13 Reasons Why – Netflix
  • Girls – HBO NOW
  • Big Little Lies – HBO NOW
  • Sherlock – HBO NOW

(Currently watching Riverdale on Netflix while I type this.)

Getting out of bed on Tuesdays,  is still hard (especially when I have to be at work at 7am). But I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible and work is normal. So last Tuesday, I started working half days. I go in from 12pm – 4pm. Having this goal to get out of the house and productive for just 4 hours gives me energy and some sense of purpose.

I’m working part-time so on Wednesdays & Thursdays I work full days (7a-4p). I go get my weekly pre-chemo bloodwork after work on Wednesday afternoons. I’ve made friends with one of the phlebotomist who works at the lab. Her husband is also currently going through treatment for colon cancer. I always ask about him and how he’s been feeling, and let her know I’m sending him my love and to keep strong during our fight. When I get home, I’ll work on some cross-stitching and maybe try to tidy around the house. But, at this point I’m typically too tired to really do anything else. I do have trouble falling asleep/staying asleep on Thursday nights. Chemo anxiety. (Or maybe due to the fact that I am currently reading/obsessing over Stephen Kings’ It in extreme anticipation of the movie remake release in September.)

Friday is chemo day. I try to make chemo days fun. Typically, I have energy. Usually I’m with someone, and we find things to do. A delicious lunch post-chemo is a must, followed by shopping or walks in the park if its not too hot. (This week I’ll be going to a new art museum Tana has suggested!)

Big Shout Out to my chemo-buds so far: Jessie, my Momma, Mikey and Heather. You all are amazing thanks for hanging/distracting me. I can only imagine the mixed emotions accompanying me to treatment can stir up. So thank you for your strength and just being psychically there. It means a lot.

Saturdays are unpredictable energy level wise. If I have any, I’ll attempt to run some errands. If I don’t I just hang at home and not try to over do it. I know my limits, and right now is about resting, and allowing my body to recover.

This coming Friday will be my last treatment in my 3rd cycle which means I will be half way through my chemo treatment. I also have an appointment with Dr. Kwan during my treatment. I’m thinking she will order a slew of diagnostic imaging tests to be done so that we can finally see the progress of my chemotherapy. Its a bit terrifying, when I really start to think about it.

I will try to be more diligent about posting. I don’t want to make promises. But, I do want to set goals.

I love you all.

Until next time.



  1. Danni, just read this piece of your blog. I am so loving the way you write! I almost choked and Orlando laughed so hard when I was reading it to him! “Chemo Dealer” was such a great name you gave them nurses!!

    Now on to the “Binge” watching of the shows you watch. I happen to have Netflix and on my tablet or my TV I watch and Binge on almost all the damned shows. I do not have much energy since I was much older than you when I got the chemo and radiation. It did a number on me. But I do know that your Chemo routine is way worse than mine was. I am retired now and I do have my days that I just sit and “Binge” on TV. Netflix is my fav! I have watched “Frankie and Grace”, “Bloodline”, “The Killing” much and including BBC shows in seasons that have great story lines and writing. Girlboss is pretty good and of course Golden Girls, who doesn’t love those old broads?? LOL. So, you will know that I am pulling for you and can’t wait to hear the podcast! Hope that the treatments that you are going to go through now don’t make you sicker and all goes well. Love you always Honey and prayers for you to kick the F**king Cancer in the ASS!!!!


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