happy memorial day …

from Pickle, me and my messy bedroom.

I got a domain name for the blog, so new official site address for the blog is now wellthissucks.me feel free to add to your favorites tab!

You maybe wondering why I’ve decided to get a domain name for the blog. Or perhaps why the new look? Even if you weren’t questioning it, didn’t notice, or don’t really care I’m sharing any way. A couple weeks ago, my beautiful/smart/caring/awesome very good friend Heather (who I’ve mentioned on here a few times) came to me with a proposition.

Quote from a text I received from Heather – “HOKAI so I’ve been thinking about this and the more I think about it the more I think it would be kewlt and beneficial project. Might you be interested in having a podcast? It’d be the 3 of us gal pals (you me tan) discussing your journey through treatment and life in general – similar to your blog with our lived as FL to LA babes and bffz peppered in there. That would be the foundation and of course we can noodle the details later …”

So on Saturday afternoon Heather, Tana and I recorded the first episode of “Well, this sucks” the podcast. Once its edited and released I’ll be sure to share where you can listen. I’m excited and interested to see how this project will evolve and what it will grow into.

Chemo News: I’m officially half way through my treatment!

I didn’t meet with Dr. Kwan, I guess I had the appointments mixed up. So no diagnostic imaging tests scheduled just yet. And although the thought of going through all that testing again has me quite anxious I am very excited about this week because I am finally going to Florida! I’m leaving at the butt crack of dawn Thursday June 1st and I will be back in LA on Wednesday June 7th. Looking forward to the rain, the heat, the humidity, the mosquitos … But, seriously I’m so ecstatic and I have no idea what I want to do while I’m there. Everything!?!?! Nothing?!!? I think I’ll just play it by ear, and hope that my energy levels stay up.

I love you all.

Until next time.

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