tallahassee was super

One week was not enough. Truth be told I thought I’d be ready to get back to LA after a week in Florida. But that could be farther from what I felt Wednesday afternoon as I hugged my mom and dad good bye and made my way to be screened by TSA (where I was the only one in line, gotta love those teeeeeny tiny little air ports). My flight was delayed about half an hour – blame it on the raaaaain. But I still made my layover in Atlanta, landed in LAX at 11pm PST and was at home and in bed by midnight.

Boy was I tired. I slept the entire day Thursday. Yesterday, I was back at Kaiser getting some blood work done and starting the second half of my chemo treatment. I also received the second of my two bone injections. Briefly saw Dr. Kwan who confirmed my PET scan appointment for this coming Monday. She let me know she would be in touch with me once those results came in. So let’s all cross our fingers, toes, eyes … basically cross anything you can cross.

Just wanted to quickly touch base and let you know how I am doing. I also have a couple topics for longer posts which I need to dedicate more time to write.

I am currently at Heather’s house about to whip up some french toast. (And get some work done on the pod cast? More news coming on that front soon.)

I love you all.

Until next time.

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