its like a nasty hangover with out the fun night of drinking.

Adriamycin and Cytoxan kicked my ass. That’s all.

I had my first round of treatment this past Friday, and my head and body are still in a fog. Its called “Chemo Brain” – I’m calling it Chemo Hangover, at least that way it sounds like I’m having some fun. Maybe? I’ve just had a few slices of cheese pizza from Garage Pizza so I’m hoping it will give me enough fuel to catch you all up.

Chemo routine was a little different this time. In lieu of antihistamines and preventative allergic reaction meds I took before Taxol treatment, I was pumped full of anti-nausea medication.

I was given two kinds of pills (Dexamethasone and Ondansetron) and an IV bag (Fosaprepitant) all for nausea.

The Adriamycin is 2 big syringes full of what looks like red Kool-aide that is “pushed” into the IV by my Chemo Dealer. They have to be sure the chemo is going directly into my vein and not the surrounding skin or muscle because I will turn into a zombie if it doesn’t. Well, maybe not a zombie, but zombie like things could happen to the skin/muscles if it comes into contact with the Adriamycin. The push takes about 10 minutes total and then I get set up with the bag of Cytoxan which takes about 45 minutes to drip.

I left chemo with a slight headache, but no worse for the wear as any other time. Heather had come with me and we met up with Tana to chow down on some dumplings at Din Tai Fung. The restaurant is next to a mall so Heather and I decided to take a look around because … why not? After the first store though, I lost my steam quickly. We headed back to Heather’s place to meet up with our friends Lauren and Tyler who were gracious enough to let us record them for more podcast footage. I only lasted about an hour into recording and then the nausea really hit me. (Its actually starting to rear its nasty head as I type right now.) I HAVEN’T THROWN UP THOUGH. The nausea meds they have me on have at least kept that at bay.

I’ve been sleeping a lot, and my head is foggy. I’d like to write more but this Chemo Hangover comes in waves. So I am going to have to cut this post shorter than I would have liked.


Heather is working real hard on getting the podcast off the ground. Its coming very very soon, I promise. In the mean time follow us on Instagram @wtspodcast


I love you all.

Until next time.


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